ARES Training

ARES Training

Training for ARES and RACES Required by North Carolina Emergency Management NC Section ARES/RACES Training Policy

Our operations must comply with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). We operate under the Incident Command System (ICS) when activated. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now requires all volunteers, including Amateur Radio operators to be certificated in at least IS 100,IS 200, IS 700 and IS 800 course material. For non-governmental employees and others without access to classroom instruction, these courses are available as on-line independent-study courses that are free of charge. THOSE AMATEUR OPERATORS WHO MAY BE DEPLOYED TO EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTERS (EOCs), COMMAND POSTS, PUBLIC SAFETY ANSWER POINTS (911 CENTERS) OR OTHER POINTS WHERE INTERFACE WITH EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT OR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AT ANY LEVEL IS EXPECTED, ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE IS 100, IS 200, IS 700, and IS 800. Several Amateur Radio operators have voiced public complaints regarding having to take this training. This document serves to make clear the policy of NC Section ARES/RACES. No one is compelled to take these courses. However, any previously registered ARES/RACES volunteers who have not completed the required training will be listed in our internal records as “non-certified” and will not be deployed to any site during any activation or drill. Any operators who “self-deploy” and are not on the registered lists as “certified” will not participate in activities where certification is required (all activities). ARES/RACES operators who complete the requirements at any time will be re-listed as “certified” in our internal records. This is not intended to be an affront to any individuals or groups. It is, however, intended to bring our overall organization into compliance with DHS requirements.

Mandatory Training Why?

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  • Two events have changed the training world: 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.
    During recovery efforts for these two events, We learned that the various agencies and volunteer organizations did not work well together. This training was developed to remedy this situation.
  • The agencies we service require this training.
  • Required by North Carolina Governor’s Proclamation.
  • It’s easy. It takes less than 1/2 a day.
  • Federally mandated way for federal, state, and local groups, and also for volunteer groups to communicate with each other.
  • It gives us credibility. First, we know how to talk to the government officials. Second, the fact that we have been trained and know the language gives us credibility when we enter a site.
  • Emergency entities that receive federal money to pay for equipment must be ICS compliant.
  • As of July 1, 2010, everyone in North Carolina at the EC level and up must be ICS compliant.


  • All North Carolina ARES Appointees and Officials at the EC level or above.
  • Any ARES member participating in exercises or real emergencies with any of the served organizations.

North Carolina Emergency Management Training Courses These courses are mandated by the State of North Carolina. They are developed by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA).

  • IS-100
  • IS-200
  • IS-700
  • IS-800b (If you have already had an 800 course, you do not have to take it again)

Some EOCs require additional courses. For example, Pitt and Orange counties require IS-300 and IS-400. All Emergency Coordinators must contact the local Emergency Management department and other agencies served to determine what additional training is needed for their respective county or counties.
For now if we are certified, it’s lifetime.
How to Get the Training
These courses are internet-based self-study. They are available free of charge from the .
As of October 2012, FEMA now requires that you obtain a FEMA-issued ID number as a prerequisite to taking any FEMA offered courses.
Need a FEMA ID number? Click on the link below.

Record Keeping and Registration
An invitation will be sent to each NC ARES/RACES appointee with the URL for the database and a unique password allowing access to the database. Registration is simple. It requires your contact information and your ARRL appointment. It features an easy upload mechanism to upload pdf files for each of your course certificates as received from FEMA. The database can be found online at
DECs and ECs have already been sent invitations with their passwords. If you are one of these appointees and you have not received your invitation, send mail to After the initial registrations are complete, ECs will invite their compliant local ARES members to have them included in the database. Note that completion of the four ICS courses listed above is required.

(Above information taken from ARES Training Requirements, North Carolina ARES and from the North Carolina ARES website)

Finish Your Required ICS Courses: IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800
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