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Here is a list of some important links and downloads that we feel that may help you in your amateur radio hobby and with your emergency communications.  Also included are ARES documents and forms that you may need.  Check back often.  This list is subject to change.

Winlink 2000
RMS Express Download

To be able to operate RMS Express, you will need to download the two programs below.  Starting with the propagation program.




The ARRL official logo.  ARRL is the home office for ARES
The International Space Station

FEMA ICS schooling logo

North Carolina Emergency Management logo
Union County Emergency Management logo

                                      NORTH CAROLINA
UNION COUNTY EMERGENCY                                    EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

Department Of Homeland Security logoFederal Emergency Management Administration logoUnion County ARES AUXCOM LogoFederal Communications Commission logoUnion County Amateur Radio Society logo